“No two materials are alike. No two sites on earth are alike. No two buildings have the same purpose. The purpose, the site, the material determine the shape. Nothing can be reasonable or beautiful unless it’s made by one central idea, and the idea sets every detail. A building is alive, like a man.

– Ayn Rand


Edifício JBZ - João Benjamin Zaffari

Address: Av. Carlos Gomes, 400


Type: Commercial
Edification: 1 tower
Units: 60 suites
Parking: 261 spaces and 30 storage units
Gross Construction Area: 20,400m2 (219,583sq ft)
Year of conclusion: 2018

Information: belmondo@belmondo.com.br

Loteamento Piemonte

Prof. Cristiano Fischer street, 667


Type: Residential

Launch: Soon

Information: belmondo@belmondo.com.br

Residencial Bellagio

Des. Alves Nogueira street, 150


Type: Residential
Edification: 2 towers
Units: 48 apartaments
Parking: 109 spaces and 48 storage units
Gross Construction Area: 11,236m2 (120,943sq ft)
Year of conclusion: 2005

Edifício Belluno

Itajaí avenue, 414


Type: Residential
Construction: 1 tower
Units: 18 apartaments e 2 penthouses
Parking: 54 spaces and 18 storage units
Gross Construction Area: 5,558m2 (59,825sq ft)
Year of conclusion: 2002

Our company

Cities are a center that unites people in the development of knowledge, art and business. Endeavor, in these environment, is to present a value proposition to the society. It’s to take risks, to create and to evolve. When cities grow, people meet.

Our role is not only to combine bricks and mortar, but to build scenarios for people to live their memories and pursuit their dreams.

Every development generates a permanent impact in the city. Every area studied is, so, a unique opportunity to do something special.

It’s a proccess of constant learning and evolution that drives us always towards searching for new technologies, new materials and new ways to offer more value to people.

When we think about sustainability, most of the times, what comes to our mind is the environmental aspect. The truth, however, is much more than that.

To be sustainable it is to make every development connect to the context it’s inserted, to the people that work to build it and the ones that will make use of it once it’s ready.

Is to make so that every step, every project, every brick take us to the next.

Seeking excellence is a never ending exercise to understand how things are made and how we can make them better.

It’s seeking to do more than expected.

Not only in the results, but also in the proccess itself. To think in the long term. It’s the integrity and coherence in our actions, the respect in the relationships we hold with everyone and the decisions that will make a development unique.

We wish to collect little moments of surprise when a detail is discovered.

To transform our brand in a signature.


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